Shree Consulting enables you to have control of your strategic integration infrastructure. It offers you managed EDI and B2B services that help you keep everything in-house. What’s more? You will still be able to focus on your core business activities.

Managed Services allows you to have total ownership of your hardware and software. However Shree handles your EDI or data integration infrastructure as well as all the external and internal integration activities.

Shree’s Managed Services provide your organization with:

  • Resource flexibility
  • Capability for rapid organizational growth
  • Budget management
  • Handling redundant staff

In other words, we play the role of an extended IT department of yours. We can manage your solutions both onsite and remotely. Our team of professionals provides you with a fully managed solution for all your business’ needs, allowing your team to focus entirely on your core business activities.

Company EDI and B2B Integration teams are perennially faced with a seemingly endless list of demands, challenges and changes. Each poses a very challenging situation for the IT department to manage the changes and ensure that system performance is consistently at a high level. The challenges are more obtrusive when the number of trading partners increases. Allow Shree’s expert resources to handle your infrastructure, and projects for you. We handle your burden, and expand your capacity.

We provide managed services for EDI and B2B integration at optimum cost:

Partner with Shree Consulting’s expertise, resources and processes to achieve a cost-effective solution. All you have to do is place the burden of some or all of your EDI and B2B integration activities to Shree Consulting.

Once you outsource your EDI and B2B integration management services to us, you will see that the results are very cost-effective, and maintaining a large in-house IT staff is unnecessary. We will ensure that you will be able to stay focused on your core business activity.

What will make your life easy is that we are business partners of IBM and are in a position to manage any of the IBM B2B integration solutions.

The solutions included in our package are:

  • IBM Sterling Gentran
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • IBM Transformation Extender (ITX)
  • IBM Transformation Extender Advance (ITXA)
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway (SFG)
  • IBM Control Center (ICC)
  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy (SSP)

To put it briefly, we provide complete management, operation and facilitation for your B2B Integration and EDI program. In addition, you can also use our infrastructure. We can host you or alternately you can avail the B2B Integration SaaS solution.

In addition, we have our Proprietary Bespoke Solution Process.

Our Bespoke Integration solution process features five program threads across six project phases and is flexible enough to snap into or align with a customer’s own delivery methodology if desired. Program Threads include: Business Solution Framework, Technical Solution Framework, Education & Training, Project Management, and Services Assurance.

Managed Services Chart

We can furnish you with dedicated program managers who will empower you to achieve ideal solutions for businesses that require resources. The functions covered include data translation services, mapping and production support for EDI transaction sets, and EDI administration services.

The Benefits of allowing Shree Consulting to handle your B2B Managed Services:

The moment Shree Consulting walks in to partner with your firm you can stay rest assured about greater business gains in cost and resource flexibility. Our highly skilled technical professionals are in a position to provide value addition, be it Integration or project management or trading partner management.

This will provide you added advantages when it comes to taking new trading partners onboard. Trading partners can be quickly onboarded in a time bound manner. To top it all, you’ll get to witness a speedy turnaround on translation services and transaction set updates.

What’s more? We offer customized Managed services for both EDI and B2B Integration. We believe that there are no standard solutions that encompass all sets of challenges. Each situation requires a unique design and a unique solution. Our customized B2B Integration solutions are offered in four levels.

Business Requirements

What does it mean to you?
One of the major problems we solve for you is scalability. Imagine you just need two or three skilled resources to help you with the B2B project or say implement an upgrade. It will be well-taken care of even if you want it to be an on-premise solution. Alternately, you might want to outsource your entire B2B environment and business partners’ B2Bi, or EDI management. We are at hand to provide you with the ideal solution that meets your present and future requirements.

Outsourcing to Shree Consulting will ensure a more refined and cost-effective level of B2B and EDI services management. The results you get will far exceed your expectations. To sum it up, Shree Consulting is the one-stop shop for making your B2B integration and EDI community, including your trade partners, happy and satisfied.

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